An ant infestation can be frustrating and off putting to any home or business. Here at Entomolex Pest Control, LLC, we provide efficient and seamless ant control services for residential and commercial properties all throughout Van Buren, Fort Smith, Arkansas and other nearby areas. 

While ants may be tiny in size, they often come in large numbers. House ants can be especially frustrating as they enjoy being around your food, and you’ll often find them in the kitchen — a space you like to keep as clean as possible. Don’t let ants pose any risks to your home or health, and make sure you reach out to us as soon as possible if you suspect an ant infestation. Our ant control team uses powerful ant treatments that are also safe and eco-friendly. Call 479-831-6405 now to schedule an appointment.


Although black ants are the most common, there are various other types of ants that can cause more harm to you and your home. And since ants are often a food source for other pests, getting your ants removed right away is incredibly important in order to avoid other unwanted pests. Our region is home to numerous ant species including:

• Red imported fire ants
• Southern fire ants
• Pharaoh ants
• Odorous house ants
• Pavement ants
• Argentine ants

Of the above-listed, red imported fire ants are the biggest cause for concern. Although they don't usually enter homes, they come in a surprisingly large number and can be a serious threat if they enter your living space. Red imported fire ant colonies consist of 100,000 ants or more, and they sting aggressively. But regardless of what kind of ants are in your home, you can count on the team at Entomolex Pest control, LLC to get rid of them.